Organic Fertilizer Pellets Extrusion Line with a 30,000 Tons Annual Output


The poultry manure pellets production line can satisfy most investors’ production demands with an annual output of 30000 tons. Flat die organic fertilizer pellet mill is installed to complete the whole pelletizing process.


The organic fertilizer production line is specially designed to convert poultry manure such as pig manure, cow manure, chicken manure into sellable organic, environmentally safe fertilizer pellets that do-it-yourself retail chains and lawn & garden stores can sell to consumers. High performance & Environmentally friendly!

organic fertilizer pellet

agricultural production companies, independent farmers, golf courses and commercial landscapers can use those organic manure fertilizer pellets

We call this plant as Flat-die Production Line because flat die fertilizer pellet machine is installed to fulfill the whole pelletizing process. The production plant produces 30,000 tons high quality bio-organic fertilizer per year through the harmless disposal of animal manure, organic waste materials, furnishing soil and crops with all-around nutrients. In virtue of reliable performance and advanced processing technology, it has been widely applied into fertilizer processing enterprises, creating economic benefits as well as making great contributions to environmental protection.

Working Process of Organic Fertilizer Pellets Production Line

flat die production line

Raw materials crushing:
For better fermentation, raw materials need to be crushed via corresponding fertilizer crusher because particle size of composting raw material may affect the activity of micro-organism. Crushing machine can reduce particle size of materials in order to add superficial area, facilitate microbial activity and then speed up the fermentation composting. By virtue of reliable performance and excellent crushing effect, our semi-wet material crusher has been widely applied for grinding bio-organic fermentation, urban waste compost, crop straw fermentation, livestock manure and other high-moisture materials.

Raw materials fermentation:
In organic fertilizer production process, fermentation of raw materials is a crucial part because most raw materials should be composted and fermented so as to reach the harmless disposal standards. Based on the principle of aerobic fermentation, our self-propelled compost turner adopts 4 wheels design and has large turning capacity and strong adaptability to site, which can be used to mix materials, adjust temperature of material pile, improve the permeability and regulate moisture of pile, then expediting the speed of aerobic fermentation. On account of its obvious advantages like low investment and labor cost, complete function and high efficiency, this compost turner has become the first choice for many organic fertilizer manufacturers.

Raw materials mixing:
Before fertilizer granulation, raw materials should be mixed adequately and evenly within horizontal fertilizer mixer WSJB-90 so as to realize ingredients uniform and fast mixture and reduce material residues. With high mixing efficiency and reasonable structure, this mixer, very suitable for blending raw materials of organic fertilizer, has enjoyed great popularity among fertilizer producers.

Granulating process:
After even mixing, raw materials are transported to flat die granulator KP-40 with belt conveyor for the core part of whole organic fertilizer pellets production linefertilizer production process. With stronger adaptability to raw materials, flat die organic fertilizer pellet mill can produce cylindrical organic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer with almost 100% purity. Dies with diverse diameters (1.5mm-20mm) make it easier for customers to produce bio-organic fertilizer pellets with smooth surface and uniformity according to various raw materials and requirements.

Granule polishing process:
In order to embellish the appearance of pellets from flat-die granulator, we suggest using granule polishing machine to process fertilizer granules into spherical particles because it can realize the granulation ratio up to 98% at one time and greatly raise the quality and level of final organic fertilizers for more enormous market and higher profits.

Drying/Cooling process:
The pellets need to be dried with professional drying machine with the purpose of adding fertilizer strength and convenient storage. Our rotary fertilizer dryer HGJ-1.2 is the perfect drying equipment to decrease the water content of granules. According to experience, the moisture of organic fertilizer pellets produced by flat-die granulator can be dropped down to 2%~5% from 10%~40%. Meanwhile, this dryer should be used combined with rotary drum cooling machine LQJ-1.0 because the temperature of fertilizer are very high after drying which should be cooled at certain temperature for easy storage and transportation. With high heating/cooling efficiency, our rotary dryer and rotary cooler is quite appropriate for organic fertilizer granules as well as raw materials for fertilizer production.

Screening process:
For separating final fertilizer products from the returned materials that cannot satisfy quality requirements, rotary drum screening machine GTSF-1.2*4 should be adopted for the sake of realizing the uniform classification of finished fertilizer products. This screening equipment has a series of merits, including high screening efficiency, low noise, little dust, simple structure, long lifespan and stable running performance, etc. Owing to the plate cleaning sieve, our rotary screening device makes it easy to screen even sticky, wet and miscellaneous materials without blocking the sieve, thereby enhancing the sieving efficiency of equipment.

Packaging Process:
As the last process of organic fertilizer production, we provide the automatic fertilizer packager with the automatic function of feeding, transporting, sealing, weighing and packing. With the packaging system, it is very easy to enhance the efficiency of fertilizer production, ensure the high quality of fertilizer, vastly reduce labor cost, and eliminate unnecessary human errors during packing process. With high precision and perfect function, this machine has been widely applied for weighing and packaging fertilizer pellets, powder materials, grains, block and so on.

Advantages of 30,000t/y Flat-die Granulator Production Line

  • Waste utilization & environmental protection: as we all know, the main resource of raw materials of bio-organic fertilizer production plant are wastes with organic matter, such as poultry dung, pig manure, livestock feces, straw, bio-gas residue, plant ash and urban life sludge, therefore, the production of fertilizer can make significant contributions to green environment.
  • Superior bio-organic fertilizer: Furthermore, the organic wastes contain abundant nutrient elements required by soil and crops, like nitrogen, phosphorus, kalium and so forth, so the bio-organic fertilizer produced thereby can not only provides nutrition with long fertilizer efficiency for plants, but also increase soil fertility, improve the bio-activity of soil. In addition, through fermentation composting process, bio-organic fertilizers have been thoroughly decomposed and killed over 95% pathogenic bacteria and worm eggs.
  • Low investment & high output: with 30,000 tons per year production capacity, this organic fertilizer production line is able to lower whole production cost to a great extent and also create high output value and profits. In virtue of excellent working performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance, our flat-die granulator production line has been widely used into fertilizer manufacturing industry all over the world.

Technical Parameters of 30,000t/y Flat-die Granulator Production Line

Item Model Dimension








Horizontal Mixer WSJB-90 233*107*120 3-5 15 2
Pan Feeder YPWL-2000 210*210*130 2.5-5 5.5 1
Flat-die Granulator KP-40 120*65*145 0.75-2 15 2
Fertilizer Polishing Machine ALCPYS1000 3100*1020* 1390 2 11 2
Rotary Drum Dryer HGJ-1.2 1300*236*180 2-3 7.5 1
Rotary Drum Cooler LQJ-1.0 1080*221*170 2-3 7.5 1
Rotary Screening Machine GTSF-1.2X4 500*160*300 2-5 5.5 1

Remark: this production line is only for reference. We can customize the production plant according to your capital budget, raw materials, factory scale and other requirements.

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