Organic Fertilizer Sieving Machine Exported to Zimbabwe


In Nov, 2016, Whirlston organic fertilizer sieving machine was exported to Zimbabwe in virtue of its excellent screening performance and affordable cost. As the common-used equipment in organic fertilizer production, this screening machine is always applied for separating finished products from returning materials, which is also used to realize the uniform classification of final goods.
screening machine in ZimbabweWhy Choosing Whirlston Rotary Screening Machine
With superior product quality, complete and considerate pre-sale and after-sales service system, reasonable price and professional quality, Whirlston Organic Fertilizer Machinery has won warm praise, welcome and trust of broad masses of customers.

  • Wide adaptability of materials: our rotary drum sieving machine can be extensively applied to screen a variety of materials, that is to say, no matter granulated fertilizer, pelleted fertilizer, even coal materials and lime materials, the sieving process would be achieved smoothly.
  • High efficiency of sieving: equipped with the sieve cleaning mechanism, no matter how dirty materials entering the screening drum, our machine can easily proceed sieving processing in the course of screening, thus promoting the sieving speed and efficiency of machine.
  • Low noise: this organic fertilizer sieving machine has low noise and less flying dust. During the process of running, the noise caused by materials and rotary sieve can be isolated with the dust cover, which greatly reduce the external noise of equipment.
  • Long working life and small amount of maintenance: With the simple structure and smooth running, this machine has long service life. With an observation window arranged on both sides of machine sealing dust-proof cover, our screening machine is easy to maintain and the operating process can be observed at any time.

sieving machine to Zimbabwe
Parameters of Organic Fertilizer Screening Machine

Name Model Dimension (CM) Capacity


Power (Kw)
rotary screening machine GTSF-1.2X4 500x160x300 2-5 5.5

Besides, Whirlston can also supply other organic fertilizer making machines with different production capacities or according to customers’ requirements, aiming at helping customers to establish organic fertilizer production plant to produce high quality organic fertilizer for the healthy development of sustainable agriculture and organic farming.


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