10t/h New Type Granulator Exported to The United States


In April, 2016, a new-type organic fertilizer granulator from Whirlston Machinery was exported to US. The production capacity of this machine is 10 ton per hour, which is appropriate for large-scale organic fertilizer production plant.
new type granulator to usRaw materials of New-type Granulator
In general, the particle size of materials before granulation should be less than 200 meshes. And the typical raw materials contain feces of livestock and poultry (like chicken manure, pig manure, and cow dung), straw, food waste, mushroom and fungi residue, paper sludge, filter mud from sugar refinery, vinasse, bean dregs, turf and so on.

Features of Whirlston New-type Granulator
In virtue of this features of higher granulation rate, smooth running and long service life, this sturdy and durable granulating machine has enjoyed great popularity among the field of organic fertilizer production. This machine from Whirlston Organic Fertilizer Machinery can be used for granulating process directly after composting and fermentation, which saves drying process, greatly lowering energy consumption and manufacturing costs. The organic fertilizers produced by our new type granulator are spherical, and its organic material content can be up to 100%, achieving granulation with pure organic matters.

Benefits of Granulated Organic Fertilizer
The industrial production of organic fertilizer can not only generate good economic effectiveness for livestock breeding, fertilizer processing, farming and gardening, but also bring positive ecological effect and social benefits.organic fertilizer granulator in us

  • Protecting environment: the wide use of organic fertilizer has ability to protect water quality, reduce air pollution and soil erosion, maintaining biological system.
  • Improving soil fertility: bio-organic fertilizer is able to improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, strengthen the permeability, water retaining capacity, and fertilizer preservation ability of soil, and prevent soil hardening and acidification, obviously reducing the bad influence on crops caused by soil salinity.
  • Increasing yield of crop: Abundant with in organic matter, organic fertilizer can fully provide NPK(nitrogen, phosphorus and kalium) and multiple micro elements plants needed, which can significantly enhance the quality and output of agricultural products.

Parameters of this New-type Granulator

Name Model Size(CM) Production Capacity (t/h) Power


New type granulator JCZL-150 570x210x150 8-10 90

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