Organic Fertilizer Round Ball Polishing Machine


The purpose to polish organic fertilizers is to beautify its shape into uniform round balls for sale. It is installed behind granulators in organic fertilizer production line. It adds the commercial value of organic fertilizers.


Introduction of Organic Fertilizer Ball Granulating Machine
Organic fertilizer granule polishing machine is designed on the basis of organic fertilizer granulator, so that the cylindrical particles are shaping one time without return material, which is today’s ideal equipment for organic(biological) fertilizer productions. Because of high output and scheduling flexibility, organic fertilizer polishing machine can be used with one or several fertilizer granulators at the same time, solving the disadvantages that one fertilizer granule machine must be equipped with an organic fertilizer polishing machine.

organic fertilizer polishing machine

Organic Fertilizer Ball Polishing Machine Working Process
The machine consists of two or more throwing cylinders arranged in turn. The material are discharged after polishing. Finished particles is in consistent particle size, high density, round smooth and high yield. We developed the organic fertilizer granule polishing machine from second to third roller. The machine is for all the fertilizer particles beauty. The fertilizer pellets, produced by the flat granulator, extrusion granulator or disc granulator, is polished by organic fertilizer polishing machine. The fertilizer particles are in uniform size, accurate roundness, smooth surface and high strength. Fertilizer granulation rate is as high as 98% and feed back rate is low, so that it reduces energy consumption and increase production. More importantly, it greatly improves the quality of the fertilizer products and product quality grade, which can make products in dominance class and best selling in the market. The organic fertilizer polishing machine is in advanced design, reasonable structure, lean manufacturing, and easy fertilizer round ball granulator

Features of Fertilizer Round Ball Granulator
 Beautiful appearance, simple structure, safe and reliable.
Easy operation and maintenance, which can be operated according to description.
 Good overload-proof ability, able to adapt to a variety of environments.
 Small power consumption, low production costs but high economic efficiency.

Wide Application of Organic Fertilizer Round Ball Shape Machine
chicken manure and other livestock manure, organic and compound fertilizer, ; to peat, lignite, organic fertilizer sludge, straw, soybean cake, etc.

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