Double Shaft Mixer


Dual shaft fertilizer mixer adopts novel rotor structure to mix fertilizer materials, effectively reducing the residue. It achieves fast, high-capacity, precision mixing of organic materials, or compost.


The double shaft mixer is often chosen for its ability to create a homogeneous mixture from both wet and dry ingredients, especially in fertilizer production process. It adopts two opposite spiral blades to stir and transport the raw materials. Regardless of particle size, shape and density, materials are mixed with a fast, efficient and gentle action in double shaft mixer. The mixing machine achieves a really high capacity mixing of bulk solids.
The mixer includes twin bomb-bay door openings for fast, efficient discharging and to minimize segregation during discharge. The unit is available in stainless steel for sanitary applications. Custom sizes, finishes, and materials of construction are available upon request.

Working Principle and Structural Features of Double Shafted Mixer
The mixer is equipped with two opposing rigid mixing shafts, which are equipped with blades (22 ° -35 °) with a small range of adjustment angles. And the two-axis blades are engaged with each other, so that they can clean materials that are bonded in mixing blades. It can be added spray system above the blades. In this way, water can be added in the materials and it realizes removing dust.
※ The machine adopts cycloid-style reducer that is characterized by compact structure, small footprint, smooth transmission a nd low noise.
※Dual shaft fertilizer mixer can mix raw materials evenly. Because of mixing blade, there is high performance between mixing blade and material so it increases efficiency.
※ The blades are made of high-quality carbon alloy steel. In addition, the surface is carburized and the tungsten carbide is covered with the corner, which greatly improves the service life of the blade.

Caution and Maintenance

  1. When you use dual-shaft fertilizer mixer for the first time, it should be filled with 40# lubricants and you should replace lubricants after 150-200 hours working. After then you can replace lubricants every 2000-2500 hours working.
    Regularly add grease to the bearing. (3# lithium grease)
  2. Regularly check the wear of the V-belt and the blade.
  3. The operator must read the instruction carefully before operation.

Problem, Possible Cause and Solution to Double Shafted Organic Fertilizer Mixing Machine

 Too much noise 1. Agitator shaft wear and deformation
2. Bearing failure
3. Bearings or reducer connection bolt loosening
1. Repair or replace the agitator shaft
2. Replace the bearing
3. Reattach the bolt
Too high temperature in reducer 1.Agitator shaft wear and deformation
2. The bearing is damaged
3. Too much accumulation of material and the resistance is too large
1. Repair or replace the stirring shaft
2. Replace the bearing
3. Clear or appropriately reduce feed rate

Technical Data of Double Shaft Organic Fertilizer Mixer

Name Model Dimension(CM) Capacity




Double-Shafted fertilizer Mixer SZJB-40 380x125x75 3-7 11
SZJB-60 440x150x105 5-10 18.5


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