Disc Pan Mixer


Pan mixer is a vertical type blending machine, being specially designed for large and medium scale organic materials combining. The whole blending process is done with excellent performance.


What is Organic Fertilizer Mixing/Blending?

Mixing is the process of thoroughly combining different organic materials to produce a homogeneous organic/bio organic fertilizer granules. The mixture is generally a combination of dissimilar materials, e.g. Soya bean waste, barley and wheat straw, peat, lignite, sludge, municipal wet waste, vegetables waste, chicken manure, cow dung are blended in a specified ratio to produce Quality Organic Fertilizer Granules/Pellets. Disc pan mixer is widely used in organic fertilizer production, especially large-scale ones. It has a larger capacity compared to horizontal blender machine.

organic fertilizer mixer

Here are the 3 more benefits of disc pan mixer:
vertical fertilizer blender▽ Simple structure – the structure of pan mixer machine is simple what allows easy operation. The mixing system is designed to blend organic materials of different size and type thoroughly, and the blending process is done with excellent performance.

▽ Easy maintenance – Due to its simple structure, broken parts of disc pan mixer can be easy replaced. It spends less energy compared to other organic fertilizer mixer machine and the ability to make less noise, makes pan mixer environmentally friendly machines.
▽ Low cost – disc pan mixing machines are designed to provide high blending performance while main components such as cycloidal reducer, blending discs, agitating shaft, and motor are protected. This increases the service life since spare parts are durable and do not need to be changed often.
Pan mixer also come in variety of models with variety of features/capacities to match the requirements of different applications.

Inner Structure of Vertical Pan Mixer Machine:

Vertical disc pan mixer machine is composed of feeding cylinder, main mixing shaft, machine rack, motor, cyclical reducer, rotating arms and stirring spades etc. The motor is installed vertically. The machine rack is fabricated with abrasion resistant steel. These vertical pan mixers are ideal for efficient and thorough blending of solids and bulk powder materials. The blending action is far gentler than that of horizontal blenders, making it more suitable for delicate and abrasive applications.

blending blades of pan mixer

Parameter of Vertical Pan Mixer:

Name Model Dimension (CM) Production capacity (t/h) Power (Kw)
Pan Mixer YPJB-1500 160X160X155 2-4 7.5
YPJB-2000 210x210x160 3-6 11

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