Bucket Elevator Conveyor


Bucket elevator belt work well with many non-free flowing products, also capable of handling. They are designed for gentle handling and quiet operation to facilitate transportation of measured quantities.


Bucket Elevator Belt Introduction

Bucket elevator or bucket conveyor is used for lifting or conveying materials from low point to high point. The materials are sent into the hopper through vibration table, and then the machine automatically transports up and runs continuously. Transfer rate can be adjusted according to conveying capacity and choose lifting height on demand. The hopper is designed and manufactured in our own factory. Non-toxic hopper enables the bucket elevator widely used application. All sizes are designed in accordance with the actual needs of supporting vertical packaging machine and metering machine, which is suitable for food, medicine, chemical industrial products, screws and nuts. Use signal identification to control automatic start and stop of the machine. Bucket elevator can be divided into chain, plate and belt type.

bucket elevator conveyor

Bucket Elevator Working Principle
The material is sent by hopper from the bottom of the storage and lifted to the top with conveyor belt or chain. And then it turns over the top wheel and then flips down. The bucket elevator draws the material into the receiving bin. The belt of the bucket elevator is generally made of rubber belt, mounted on the lower or upper drive roller and turnabout drum. Chain-driven bucket elevator is generally equipped with two parallel drive chain. It is a pair of drive sprocket on the top or bottom, the next or above is a pair of change to the sprocket. Bucket elevator is also equipped with a chassis to prevent dust.

Advantages of Bucket Materials Handling Conveyor

  1.  Simple structure,small horizontal sizeand little floor area
  2.  Great lifting height, good transport capacity, full closed body andsmall environmental pollution
  3.  Whirlston bucket material handling conveyors are with rugged construction. They are designed to withstand many years of heavy duty operations, being widely used in organic fertilizer production plant.

Bucket Elevator Operation Points for Attentionbucket conveyor

  1. The operation must comply with the principle of no load start and no load parking. The worker should open the machine firstly. Add materials after the machine normal running.  The machine should be empty before stopping operation.
  2. The feed should beeven and the outlet should be smooth so as not to cause clogging. If the material clogs the machine, the worker should immediately stop feed, close down the machine, pull the chassis board and remove the blockage. Note that the worker can not be directly insert hands into the base.
  3. The hopper belt should be in the middle of the barrelin normal work. If the worker finds phenomenon of deviation or the bucket belt is too loose causing the collision between the hopper and the barrel friction, it should be timely adjusted through the tension device.
  4. The worker should prevent large pieces of materials into the base for fear of breaking the hopper or influencing the machine to work properly.
  5. Similar with inclined belt conveyor, the worker should regularly check hopper belt tension.If it is loosening, shedding, hopper skew or damage, it should be timely repaired or replaced in order to avoid more serious consequences.
  6. The workershould cleanaccumulated materials in the base and then start up the machine in the event of a sudden stop working.

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