Rotary Cooler


Rotary cooling system suits to both organic fertilizer plants and compound fertilizer ones. For many processes the robust rotary drum cooler is the optimum solution for direct cooling of the material with air.


In the fertilizer industry, the most common type of cooler is the rotary cooler. It can be widely utilized to cool various materials, not only in organic fertilizer plants, but compound fertilizer ones. In chemical fertilizer manufacturing, rotary cooling is necessary to decrease temperature to prevent caking. In organic fertilizer production process is however to lower the temperature for easy distribution and packaging. Rotary cooler is simple to be operated with different models, and the dimension varies with its capacity, taking model LQJ-1.0 for example, the production capacity of LQJ-1.0 rotary drum cooler is 2-3 tons per hour with a size of 1080cm(L) x 221cm(W) x 170cm(H), mainly installed in small scale organic fertilizer plants.

rotary cooler

Other benefits of rotary cooler/rotary cooling technology can be concluded:
★ continuous operation permits mass production;
★ ensures sufficient cooling with economic construction costs;
★ simply operating design but greatly increase the cooling speed;
★ plant layout convenience;
organic/bio fertilizer granules are cooled to remove the heat to prevent damage to bags and bagging equipment;
★ by rotary cooling, fertilizers decreases sharply at temperatures below 40℃, which greatly improves the quality and grindability of the granules.

Rotary cooler is considered to be an absolutely necessary part to make trustworthy compound & organic fertilizers in large system production line configuration.
design of rotary cooler
Mechanical Design of Rotary Drum Cooler Machine

Generally speaking, rotary coolers consist of organic fertilizer feeding end, riding ring, flights, motor, pinion gear, girth gear, cylindrical shell and discharge end etc.

★ feeding end: after dried by rotary dryer, organic fertilizer granules are transferred into cooler machine by belt conveyor through the feed hopper at the higher end. Meanwhile, under the suction of the draught fan at the feed end, the air flow inside the cylinder speeds up.
★ riding ring: Cylindrical shell of the cooler is supported by two riding rings running on a set of rollers. The cooler equipment rotates on two forged steel races which are called riding rings. They add structural support for the rotary cylinder, and serve as a place for pressure to be absorbed.
★ flights: it is also called “lifters”, affixed to the interior of the rotary drum. Flights are used in rotary dryers and rotary coolers to spread the material across the air flow in a uniform shower or curtain, or to shower material through the process gas stream. They promote gas-solid contact. Lifting flights come in many sizes and shapes which can be individually tailored to the requirements of each cooler and product to achieve the best results.rotary cooling technology
★ pinion gear and girth gear: drive assembly of rotary cooler consists of main motor, gear reducer, girth gear and pinion gear. a single girth gear pinion drive is used to drive the large, rotating cooling system. The gear wheel is connected to an electric motor with variable speed via a gear train. the main motor drives the belt and belt pulley, and transfers to the driving shaft through the reducer. The pinion which is installed on the driving shaft engages with the gear fixed on the machine body, working in the opposite direction to make the cylinder rotate.
★ cylindrical shell: rotary coolers are made of a long cylindrical shell that is rotated around the longitudinal axis. The shell is usually slightly inclined to the horizontal to induce flow of solid from one end of the cooler to the other.
★ the cooled materials flow out from the lower end of rotary drum and are sent to the rotary screener by the belt conveyor. The tail gas enters into the dust settling chamber.

Combined Processes:

Parameter of Organic Fertilizer Rotary Cooler:

Name Model Dimension(CM) Capacity (t/h) Power (Kw)
Rotary Cooler LQJ-0.8 880x210x150 1-2 5.5
LQJ-1.0 1080x221x170 2-3 7.5
LQJ-1.2 1300x236x180 3-5 7.5
LQJ-1.5 1630x280x226 6-10 11
LQJ-1.8 1950x330x245 8-14 22


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