Organic Fertilizer Flat Die Pellet Mill


The manure fertilizer pellet machine aims at providing you high-quality organic fertilizer pellets, chicken/pig/cow manure pellets.


Multifunctional flat die pellet machine can produce chicken/cow manure pellets, poultry feed pellets, all kinds of organic fertilizer pellets. The raw materials contain chicken manure, cow manure, sheep dung manure and can mix with all kinds of powder materials. It can be connected with fertilizer polishing machine to beautify the appearance of the finished pellets. Due to high pelletizing rate and good strength, the pellet machine is an ideal device for today’s organic fertilizer pellets production, both for home use and commercial scale.

organic fertilizer pellet machine

Organic Fertilizer Pellet Machine Working Principle

The principle of the pellet mill adopts a granulation molding method that is between the dry and wet granulation, also known as semi-dry pelletizing. The material in the pellet machine is flattened above the opening die, and the spindle drives the roller move around the spindle. The rolling rollers continuously press the material tiled on the opening template. Organic materials are forced out of the die opening in template and the roll. The extruded cylindrical strip is cut (or naturally broken) by the scraper under the template to obtain cylindrical particles. Particle diameter is generally 2-40mm and granulation rate is ≥ 95%. In the pelletizing process, the moisture content should be lower than the required moisture content for the pellet mill.

Animal Manure Organic Fertilizer Granule Machine Featuresflat die pellet mill

  1. It adopts pinch roller, and both ends conforms to the mold plate and external cordon line. There is no wheel and mold dislocation friction, reducing the resistance,  kinetic energy loss and reducing production costs and extending the life of the mold, .
  2. Pinch roller is in uniform installation, smooth operation, while increasing the suppression area and improving production efficiency.
  3. Using screw center pressure regulating structure and with adjustable mold gap, it is suitable for different materials to ensure the suppression effect.
  4. The model has Φ1.5-Φ20mm aperture molds, to adapt to different materials granulation and achieve the best benefits.
  5. Because of low power but high output, it is the medium-sized ideal machine for bio-organic fertilizer plant, feed mill, farmland, sewage treatment plants and township farmers.

Animal Manure Organic fertilizer Pellet Machine Applications:

Except for using in organic fertilizer production, the pellet machine has many applications. Typical application materials are activated carbon, carbon powder, coal, plant fiber, fermentation waste, biological fertilizer, additives, catalysts, pesticides, clay, lead oxide, zinc oxide and so on.

Name Model Dimension(CM) Capacity (t/h) Power (Kw)
Flat die organic fertilizer pellet mill KP-40 120x65x145 0.75-2 15
KP-60 180x90x185 1-3 22


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