Horizontal Type Organic Fertilizer Blender


Horizontal type blender is featured by small mixing capacity, homogeneous mixing. The blender machine can be used in commercial organic fertilizer production and home-use blending process.


Horizontal organic fertilizer blender is a proven design for fast, accurate mixing of small amounts of crushed organic materials in a batch to provide a uniform, homogeneous mix. As mixing and blending of bulk solids occurs frequently in many industrial processes, such as organic fertilizer production, the continuing demand on high-quality fertilizer blender/mixer that is capable of fast blend times, equipment flexibility, easy of cleaning and assurances that demixing. That is exactly the highlights of Horizontal Blender. This organic fertilizer blender machine improves blend uniformity, decreases cleaning time between batches.

horizontal blender

Design and Construction of horizontal type organic fertilizer blender:

This fertilizer blender consists of a U-shaped horizontal trough and a specially fabricated paddle type agitator. Every particle of material is subjected to agitation during loading, blending and discharge. The agitator consists of a set of inner and outer helical agitators. The outer ribbon moves materials in one direction and the inner ribbon moves the materials in the opposite direction. After the organic fertilizer materials are fully mixed, open the discharge port under the tank and the materials will be discharged from the blending equipment, and conveyed to the organic fertilizer granulator.

Features of Horizontal Fertilizer Blender

▲ With a reverse-spiral design, the agitor deliver uniform, high-capacity blending at low power cost.
▲ Paddle assemblies mix using a tumbling motion and have less product shearing during the process.
▲ Its reasonable design makes this blender machine available in both organic fertilizer plant and compound fertilizer factories.
▲ Compared to verticle fertilizer mixer, horizontal ones are with smaller mixing capacity, which makes them suitable for both commercial use and home use.
Other features: sturdy construction, minimal maintenance required, consistent functioning etc.
PS: In an organic fertilizer production line, we usually recommend customers to install 2 sets mixer machine (one is for mixing, the other for discharging) to promise continuous functioning.

organic fertilizer blender application

Problem, Possible Cause and Solution in the Running of Horizontal Organic Fertilizer Blender:

Motor cannot start normally low voltage Start the motor when voltage has stabilized
Short circuit of motor Check or replace the motor
Reducer has abnormal sound Lack of oil add lubrication
Reducer wear out Check or replace the reducer
Non-uniform mixing Blend time being too short Keeping blending to keep a uniform, homogeneous mix
Rotating paddles damages Replace new paddles
 The ingredients sticking to the wall The materials with high moisture content Lower the MC
Gaps between paddles and wall being too large Replacing new paddles to shorten the distance

Technical Parameter:

Name Model Dimension (CM) Production capacity (t/h) Power (Kw)
Horizontal Blender WSJB-70 233X113X97 2-3 11
WSJB-90 233X107X120 3-5 15

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